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Change from Sunday to Monday! ! ! !

I wanted ....
Well Journal this story is simple, all enpeso when he was 14 years old, that only when it enters this new school had 11 years Sextimo, among my best friends Charles and Jonathan. I wanted much to Jonathan and friend (Talves) But let us not said anything. The cuastion is that if I said or I Hiso Knowing when he was on 10 to 11 years in the English class of sixth-, I wrote Te Quiero, in the hand-volt front of the class, and then my volt , and told me; understood. And I said that; NO, talves wanted me to read, but did not dare, there are lingering around between and myself. The matter is that when I go to the eighth only to pass eighth, including two (Carlos and Jonathan) They stayed in Sextimo. But as I want to spend with them both. From there met with Jose Martinez, I suggested you see one, but was relaxation. When Ninth passes with 14 years, I played the same salon that and still not left me, besides enpese to be with the girlfriend as, you know Everyday, Friends School. And he suggested to me every day, he was my first kiss ... But it was to prove, in fact I was not happy ... because they are not. The question is that her elder sister, I invite you to a celebacion its commitment mandandome a figurine that until today I am on August 4, 2007 and went, it was a Sunday, I remember that I insisted Jose while, pense make girlfriend the. So when I was told lay down because talves really want me, because he takes almost 5 to 6 months and was able to insist, and still leave me. So I decided to talk to the following day, in fact I was not towards the girlfriend of 2 things; 1 - is not believed 2-My mama left me not having a boyfriend. But I like but, then. I remember Journal that it was a Monday and the commitment was Sunday, when I will tell you, that if she aser girlfriend on but that I had to talk to my mama, Mira if GOD ALL PODERO KNOW THINGS, which was with Jose Diaz and Luis Cora, and I said; ay Queen I do not know if you quiero.Pa 'that was it, I do not told anything, nor reactions but felt a knot in the throat that I felt I left swallowing dry inside, and pal high felt that my face was incojia size, and so estube whole week. Des clear as I suggested to another but I will not go into the event, I senti deseccionada because, I ilusione, and the sun until today I have not ever had a boyfriend, but I know that my King arrived! ! !

Journal Well that's Toooooooo'' '
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Submitted on
November 5, 2007