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Farewell Year! ! ! 2006 to 2207! ! ! ! On the night! ! ! !

Mio Journal Well, I guess the house is full. Was Mom (Maria), papi Elmo (My grandfather), Milna (Supostivamente girlfriend Daddy Elmo), Rafaela (The Mama of Milna) Fonso (My Stepfather), Don Alfonso (Pope of Fonso), a friend (Yari) my brother (Luis) and brother (Edwin) Fonso. Everything went well, played dominoes, beberio least myself because I do not drink (more than zidra) ate well, Mommy will pike hiso arroz con gandules, pernil asao, biandas and I think a potato salad .... I think, Anyway the question is that the house was filled pa what normally fills that we are more than Mommy, Fonso me and Luis, are filled Well! After the Mother of my Padrasto wanted com that entral pa home, total seek problesmas because Mommy did not want at home. You know comopa find out because the home really looked Full relaxation is not, but since. That day when I brought my friend told the grandmother of it, you bring the pal next year! ! ! (Something that was true because he was 31 dicienbre 2006 and it would bring the January 1, 2007 she will echo to laugh, like when you say one ocurencia sanagana! ! ! ! Ji Ji Ji. As had a little bit of everything Edwin enpeso to drink an entire MONTON !!!!, was drag this corridor. and then I tire was expected to be the 12:01 pm pa scream. So I metí pal quarter to draw a little with my girlfriend. Mera DAILY, there was goodbye to the year when I saw through the window fires artifisiales and gritaera of neighbors told me there; HERE IS WHAT IS, LET OUT PA! ! ! ! RACE, RACE JUST RACE YARI! ! ! PA AND BEYOND THAT FUIMOS. sali When everyone was abrazandose abrase to mMami clear my Elmo My Daddy and my Hermanito amoga clear that the reato too, and all enpesaron to mourn, Yari least, it is impersencible (.....) estubo ready! ! ! ! pa Then I went inside the house and I take a glass of water in pot IN COPAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA, I take a picture with Luis and Yari With the cup of water, it was not cuarquier glass of water, was the first glass of water in the year 2007, PA 'PA'. Na and then I do not remember I think I was the most ready .... of the day in the evening (Ji Ji Ji)

Well dear Journal, it is the one that is! ! ! That's Toooo''
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Submitted on
November 5, 2007