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Miss Silicon !!!!!!!!!!!! !

Dear Journal! ! ! ! I know that silicone is not what it is, but I sack through the roof today in the laboratory of immunology. As enpieso we laboratory 2; 00 pm to 4; 50 pm, depending on the Lab. Today, but today was quick, so fast you finish, but at the beginning when we had to fill the two plates with agarose that ElProf. Santos hiso (5 mL) should not put the lid, what is and what is the wise but because I was away besides my desk when it became the table and put in order the quetaba. Well Miss Silicon (But who knows) tells me; There have to remove the cap. Ami does not upset me that, I told him that i was because I (my desk is far, which is why he wore a cap to the box petri with aragosa) telling me anyhow she insisted; Oh, if you coje Saints with it well. Well Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh
Senti when there was the knot that giving up in the mother. But because I am in universidaad. The cuestio is wanted Journal Mio, the teacher comes and sees it closed and regaña but there was not enough, she still did not have anything in the petri box, but after he sees and reiterated that the anger among ourselves, but best of all. Ha! Velate this Journal, she still tells me to the teacher; Santos ay true that there is no cap on the box petri after we put the agarose. And I said no, but I said it, was that you wore a cap, and told it neglects ta good, but you see the next question of collaboration without cover. As I said Ok. And she said; Ay no habia that ajitarse. As pa 'make me be that I discuss in these. I not puesdo discuss, I am Gaga pa 'discuss, but since this is the lingering unemployment in the next dry, but na ....( Ganas mine explotarle silicones such ....)
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Submitted on
November 5, 2007