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Sad Day Beach

Everyday, Yari If you knew that today is when it will come ... I am not ... you know, like 11:15 (Sunday, July 29, 2007) and that I had called on Tuesday ... I believe that if you call ... Wednesday, but was not, it was a pity, because now was, and he would have wanted to say something more. But then I told him that I was going pa beach, not invited because I hear that the phone NOW! ! ! WAS GOING OUT! But it was not going to be at 1:00 pm on the day ... Not because he did not speak, I think it was sad ... But that can be done and finish school, and then ... I remember that the last country we see that the beach together with friends back clear, we were talking and relaxing ... And water the peak water alive (Medusa), and she enpeso AY! AY! AY! THERE IS! THERE IS! And as I carried my little brother I enpese; Luis moves that will crush you! ! ! And my brother or slow or perezozo be moved. Ami to the truth I never had picao an Agua Viva (meduza) (at least that ocacion). The question is that we keep talking and she sobandose. I decia; You meastes, truth! ! ! And it; I do not meee! ! ! She reía and repeated. But the question is that the peak. That day was ready, after we left, and I remember that the following day we went to see Cinema pal Harry Potter. We gufiamos Harry potter as usual .... Right now the strange! ! ! ! ANYWAYS. On Sunday, that my name not speak muchi neither she nor, what if I told; Recalls are things like Yari, studying and haste of a profecion. And it; If girl mommy told me to continue studying what empese here, (ASI WORDS). When I went pa beach the same day that I played with my brother swim, DIARIOOOOOO! ! ! I picao a living water, UN WATER VIVA ME PICOOOOOOOOO! ! ! And against that dolió! ! ! ! There, I am keeping more than Yari, and not cry, but dolió was one such day of beach Tristes ....
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Submitted on
November 5, 2007