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When My Brother Born

Well Everyday, I have always heard that the former is a vendicion two are a curse, something that obviously is not true ...... Well, as empieso, I crie with my daddy Elmo (my grandfather), Papie Peter (my father ) and Mom (Maria). Reine for almost 11 years, until my brother came clear. I am the older sister of my little family are my mama, sister and I (now). But before it was not so before I was Mommy and Daddy Elmo. Not included because my papa never contributed anything in my life and I do not punishment. My Mama is the divorce when I was 8 years. And came remarried when I was 10 years to 11 years my brother was born. That curiosamenteen really wanted a sister, but if I was not nene would excite therefore pal brim born the same day it is his father. The cuastion is that when I go to the hospital to see my mama she had already given birth .... What I remember .... I It is my Daddy Elmo was in the showcase seeing the babies. And cuano trajern one (who is believed that this was my brother, I think it was a girl) that the enpeso say; FOCUS TO LARGE, HA! ! ! ! FOCUS TO LARGE. And I said to him; Daddy this is not, this is a girl. And El; Ummmmm ... Well. The question is that my mama I was to present to my brother. When he saw ................................

Oh Journal Everyday, LLORE! ! ! WHY NOT BUT LLORE! ! ! ME AND MY MAMA IT ME RELAJA SCS, but I will also relax because she weep with me ... I think I emocione, What I cry now that I have 19 añy the 8 years, while %$%$%^&!!!!!!!

But not by any exchange! ! ! !

God vendiga my brother! ! !

Journal Well, that's Toooo '
PS. God vendiga all younger brothers and the primijenitos that AMAN! ! !
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Submitted on
November 5, 2007